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ACV Washed Pre-Stretched Hair 48 inch (2 Bundles)

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ACV Washed

(pre-stretched & pre-cleansed)

Do you get itchy or irritated scalp?

At Aicha professional hair, we expertly cleanse the hair before placing it on our clients due to the irritating nature of the alkaline in traditional kanekalon hair.

It’s better for protective styles, as the alkaline on traditional kanekalon synthetic fibers is known to cause an itchy scalp or small red bumps to appear on your edges after a few hours. The irritation is a reaction to the alkaline in braiding hair and could be a sign that you may be allergic. Other synthetic hair is coated with an alkaline base, not our ACV-washed hair.

Though not all people are allergic to alkaline, those who are can use our pre-cleansed
extensions. It is a patent pending 100 percent kanekalon yaki texture that will not trigger a reaction who are allergic.

We wash and condition the hair for you and pre-treat it with quality apple cider vinegar to lift the alkaline base from the hair.
Below are the key features.

Our hair:
● Saves on prep time.
● It's perfect for those with sensitive scalps.
● Has a soft texture.
● Is ‘Hot Water’ set.
● Is pre-stretched.
● Is suitable for all braiding styles.

Disclaimer: If allergic to synthetic hair please DO NOT use it.

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